July-August, 2017: Team Jeronimo Shoots in Korea

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Team Jeronimo has been hard at work in Korea with many interviews and shoots. Below are some updates and progress we made thus far!

July 17, Incheon: Interview with President of the Korea Emigration History Museum in Incheon.

July 17, Seoul: A short reunion with Jeronimo’s granddaughter, Lil’ Patry Lim, who was visiting Korea for a week as part of the “Korean Descendants’ Korea Visit” program hosted by the Korean government.

July 23, Seoul: Interview with Ms. Lee, who used to exchange letters with Jeronimo’s father in the 1960’s until the Cuban government banned all inbound/outbound communications.

July 24, Gwangju: Interview with Professor Jaegi Kim of Jeonnam University in Gwangju, who is an advocate and expert on discovering Korean men/women independence fighters in Cuba worthy of getting a medal of honor from the Korean government for their support during the Japanese occupation period (1910-45).

July 24, Gwangju: Visit of Koryoin Maul, (literally translated as, “Village of Korean ethnic CSI/Russian”) where one middle-aged Koryoin lady outcried: “Our ancestors were foreigners in Central Asia/Russia. Now, we are foreigners in the motherland they so yearned to return to. What do we do now?”

July 25, Seoul: Interview with Director Nam Il-ho of the National Sports Institute, who took the initiative in 1995 to invite Jeronimo Lim to South Korea as part of the Overseas Koreans’ gathering in Seoul. This was the first attempt ever by either a civil or governmental effort to invite any Korean-Cuban since the Cuban Revolution. Director Nam shared his first encounter with Jeronimo and how much he was impacted by his visit to his father’s motherland.

July 26, Seoul: Jeronimo Supporters’ Appreciation Night in Seoul.

July 27, Seoul: Interview with Professor Wayne Patterson of UPenn teaching at Korea University, who is the most renowned English-speaking scholar and expert on the topic of Koreans in Mexico.

July 27, Yongin: Interview with Professor Shin Jeong Whan of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, a seasoned professor specializing on the topic of Koreans in Mexico/Cuba.

August 4, Seoul: Interview with a North Korean defector who testified about his earlier years in North Korea, where Cuba was portrayed as one of the strongest ideological/diplomatic allies.

August 12, Seoul: Interview with Director Tae Young Kim, who went into Cuba as one of the first South Korean nationals in 1994.

August 21, Seoul: Interview with Seokho Kim of Dong-A Daily, who studied comparative political, economical landscapes between North Korea and Cuba.

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