June 2018 Update: Lots of Traveling and Even More Editing

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Team Jeronimo interviews Cecilio Lim in Miami, Florida


Dear Friends of Jeronimo,

The last few weeks have involved quite a bit of traveling from us. After the DC APA Film Festival and winning the “Best Short Documentary” award there, we had a busy week of editing and then flew to Florida to finally meet the only two of Jerónimo’s siblings we had still not interviewed.

We also had a chance to speak with Dr. Andy Gomez, the former director of the Cuban Studies program at University of Miami, who provided us with strongest words of encouragement to tell the story of Jerónimo and the Korean Cuban community, as it constitutes an important, yet still largely unknown part of Cuba’s history.

From Miami, our three-member team traveled onward to Cuba, primarily to do more editing, conduct archival research and film some missing B-roll footage. “Jerónimo karma” struck us once again as we discovered that Yan’s life-long neighbor from childhood had worked with Jerónimo for several years at the Foodstuffs Ministry (see photo below).

Our next few months will mainly consist of editing 24/7 as we try to bring this project to the finishing line. We are on a tight budget in this final stage and we would always appreciate your support (Donate Here).

Thank you for your continued interest.

Joseph & Team Jeronimo


헤로니모를 응원해주시는 여러분께,

지난 5월, DC APA 영화제에서 “단편 다큐멘터리 대상”을 수상한 후 저희 제작팀은 분주한 한달을 보냈습니다. 우선 마이애미로 가서 헤로니모 임 선생의 동생 두 분을 만나 쿠바-재미한인의 3가지 정체성에 대해 평생을 씨름해온 이야기를 들었습니다. 헤로니모 형에 대한 일화와 함께요.

그 이후 저희는 4번째 쿠바 출장을 가서 2주간 편집, 추가 촬영, 그리고 자료수집을 하고 뉴욕에 다시 잘 도착했습니다. 이제 향후 3개월간 저희는 편집과 후반작업에 매진하여 영화를 완성하는 것이 목표입니다. 마지막 제작 단계에 들어감에 있어 저희가 재정적으로 쉽지 않은 상황에 있어, 혹시 저희 막바지 작업을 후원해주실 수 있다면 정말 감사하겠습니다 (후원)

감사합니다. 좋은 작품으로 보답하겠습니다.

Yan, our editor, interviews his neighbor from childhood, who worked with Jerónimo Lim Kim at the Foodstuffs Ministry

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